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Our Studio

We are a dedicated community of designers, engineers and product managers who wake up daily with the aim to keep the world of design and product development advancing forward. Founded in mid-2012 as local company, we expanded our presence globally.

The company is orientated around talented visionaries, recognizing their vision and bridging the gap between their ideas and the wider consumer audience. The core of the venture are well acquainted with developing product concepts, ranges and brands, and taking them to market.

With a skilled bunch of designers and manufacturing partners from all over the globe, we are able to take a raw concept and cultivate this into 3D visualizations and technical drawings, to eventually prototype and mass product for retail.

"We are motivated by creating... the gratification we get from being involved and influencing the development of a concept and finally seeing it come to life is paramount for us. This just further compels us to deliver to a superlative standard, we are measured against this too after all..."

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Product Design


Creopard was founded on a product development philosophy that has been clearly put into words by its co-founders:

  • Isolate a low-tech product that currently sells extremely well through retail channels, and improve it. Enrich the product through value-added solutions that are embodied in an aesthetic that makes clear the advancements it offers in terms of intellectual property.

  • Gain an extensive knowledge of the players supplying the world with the selected products.

  • Begin a journey of understanding about the user and how he/she understands the current product offering. When designing your product, go beyond consumers’ current knowledge base. Design, test, and dig deeper than almost any client would pay you to do.

  • Sell your intellectual property based on a track record of success and innovation. If you solve both the consumer problems and the corporate problems, you can win at this game. If you reinvent what a corporation is currently selling, it can often make the leap.

Through these initiatives, we focus not just on design and engineering, but on the entire business cycle, including strategy, branding, conceptualization, design, partnering, manufacturing, and retail distribution.

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Product Development


We have a great understanding of the process needed to create a product and take it through to market, we have been doing this for many years now. Our talented product designers are able to help visualize ideas and concepts through sketches and graphic & 3D based visuals. Looking at concepts from the "manufacturer's eye" means we can produce correct and functioning prototypes for demonstrations and presentations prior to production.

We work with manufacturers in the Far East, South East Asia, Eastern & Central Europe, India, utilizing geographical areas based on infrastructure, economies and strengths in specific processes and materials. The landscape is always shifting, so for us it is important to always be aware of the latest opportunities in manufacture.

If you are new to the concept of shipping, importing and distribution, we offer consultancy or can work on your behalf in order to see that the transaction of your orders from the factory to the store is smooth and efficient.

Easy To Work
1. You tell us about the project

Give us a call or send us an email, and our manager will reach out within a day and start with the necessary questions.

2. We investigate and estimate the task

We will discuss your idea, break your project into milestones, provide timeline and cost estimates.

3. We sign an agreement

We agree on the dates, cost and payment terms, confidentiality, intellectual property, team composition and all other aspects to make the work comfortable for both sides. We put this in an Agreement and sign it.

4. We start the project

A team assembled specifically for your project commences work. You will be able to track and monitor each project phase in real time.

5. You get the result

Your product is finished and ready for retail.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Choose the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that works best for you. You have these two options:

  • The Second Party Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement is used when you are sharing the invention with us and we agree to keep it undisclosed.
  • If you want us both to share confidential information with each other this The Reciprocal Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement is ideal.

If you need to ask us something – we will be happy to hear you out! Send us your idea, or tell us about your challenge, or ask a question - and we will reach back to you to talk about how we can help.


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