Through brainstorming, focus groups, market research, creative concepts, experimentation and testing we bring your idea closer to life. We look into major fields of research before concept development.

  • Benefits of the product and problems it solves

    We create a detailed description of the project idea, its main goals, and benefits. Prepare a list of assumptions about what problems your product solves in order to test them on your audience later.

  • Target audience/buyer persona

    We analyze who the product is created for. During the whole process of concept development, we keep a detailed portrait of your potential buyer in mind. After analyzing your buyer persona, we get a better understanding of your customer segments and a chance to craft an effective value proposition for each of them.

  • Competitors analysis

    Sometimes it's essential to know your competitors better than your clients. Competitive analysis help us to find the gaps in the market and fill them with your valuable offers. To analyze the competitors we:

    • –°ategorize your competitors into primary, secondary, and tertiary
    • Analyze their content and marketing materials
    • Learn about their products, services and distribution channels
    • Identify areas for opportunities
  • Main features of the product and its value proposition

    A value proposition is the most important element of your product that explains how it delivers benefits to your customers and solves their problems.

    The main features of your product are the tools with the help of which we implement your value proposition. We concentrate on those, they will become gain creators for your customers, e.i. make your customer’s work or life easier, save their time or/and money, surpass current solutions on the market, etc.

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