Prototype & Manufacturing

It’s not easy to put your idea into words and have people understand it. Let us build you a prototype that you can put into people’s hands instead.

A prototype makes your product a reality while also providing your investors, clients, and friends with a tangible, functional unit they can examine, operate, and discuss.


With prototypes you can evaluate the design intent, ergonomics and aesthetics. The prototypes can be used to test assembly, fit, structural integrity and durability.

Prior to production the prototypes can also be finished and used as casting, sales and promotional models.

Prototype Construction

The developed concept is built into a physical prototype in order to test the design and identify areas to improve and further development. Often this involves 3D printing but other production and fabrication processes are employed to suit each project and material requirements.

Prototype Development

The CAD design is updated in line with changes identified during assembly and testing of the prototype. Once complete these updates may require new parts be made or a rebuild of the prototype required. Several prototypes are often required in order to refine and perfect a design ready for mass manufacture. Note that prototype construction often needs to be repeated to test the developments.

Manufacture Design

With the product proven and working we can make adjustments to the design to allow for mass scale manufacture processes to work effectively. This can also be backed up with specifications and a pack of 2d production drawings. Everything you need to have your product manufactured by your preferred factory.

Production Assistance

Help with finding, selecting and communicating with manufacturers and factories. From obtaining production cost through to supporting and advising as the first batch as come off the production line.

Prototyping by Creopard Prototyping by Creopard Prototyping by Creopard Prototyping by Creopard Prototyping by Creopard