Computer Aided Design & Engineering

Both designers and engineers are involved throughout the innovation process, design and product development to ensure the concepts are possible, in both their function and manufacture.


Mechanical engineering

Developing products that work exceptionally well is the goal of engineering process. Engineers figure out how to make your product in a smarter, better, safer and more economical way.

Whether it’s designing safety gear for sports, electronic consumer goods, home, kitchen, or medical devices, engineers will provide the best solutions. Their work ensures that prepared concepts are feasible from the start.

Electrical engineering

A large range of products today require electronics, wireless control and connectivity to function. With the ever-growing technology in wearable, consumer portables, sensors and the internet all these components come together to create new products or develop existing products into more sophisticated designs.

If your new idea or invention requires innovative technology an integrated team of mechanical engineers, industrial designers and contracted electronic engineers will come together to design and develop your product and insure it meets all regulatory requirements.

Detailed 3D CAD models of parts are created and required components are sourced and specified.

Computer aided modelling by Creopard Computer aided modelling by Creopard